Self-propelled Chip Spreader BK40

Self-propelled Chip Spreader BK402019-02-23T09:09:55+00:00

A user-friendly self-propelled Chip Spreader, used for smooth and stable spreading after asphalt spray

  • for road constructions
  • Made of tractor’s engine
  • 0.5 to 3 meters spreading width
  • Movable front tray
  • Foldable and aggregate-combinable rear tray
  • Independent-workable conveyer belt
  • Operated by Hydraulic system and controllable by single operator
  • Spread chips smoothly and precisely
  • Can be driven for long distance
  • Can be registered as machinery
Overall Size
Width330 cm.
Length650 cm.
Wheel base300 cm.
Technical Specifications
Tray capacity1 Cu.meter
Spreading width300 cm.
Truck attachmentTraction hook